Epiphany Essentials

An Illumination of Utmost Importance to

Enspire, Encourage, Engage, Enform & Empower! 


 Epiphany Essentials wants you to Live Life On Purpose, wake up Excited about life and your future, realize the POWER that you have over your life because you are the MasterMind of it. Living anything outside of an Engaged, Enspired, Enformed, Encouraged, and Empowered life is merely existing.



To empower individuals with the knowledge, strength and courage to accomplish their professional, personal and financial goals in order to Live Life On Purpose.




That everyone we encounter will be transformed and inspired to live their best lives and experience abundance in every area of their life.


Epiphany Essentials takes a holistic approach when it comes to individuals and small business owners.


Jamesia Johnai Hawk, President/CEO is your Personal Empowerment Advocate.  Our organization exist to Enspire, Encourage, Engage, Enform, and Empower (5E's) individuals to Live Life on Purpose with Purpose.   We take a holistic approach to the individual.  Focusing on the mind, body, spirit, finances, education, job readiness preparation. Epiphany Essentials provides a variety of services that include Mastermind Groups, Brand Ambassador Programs, Workshops and Seminars.


Jamesia Johnai Hawk is the creator of Epiphany Essentials. Johnai has a Master's in Human Resource Management from Keller Graduate School and a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from the University of Illinois Urbana. Johnai is a Talent Acquisition Specialist for a not-for-profit organization.  She is also building wealth through her Real Estate investments. She is passionate about helping men, women, teens succeed in life with a holistic approach focusing on mind/spirit, health/wellness, education, business/career, finances and real estate. Throughout her career Johnai has seen great and terrible resumes, conducted phone screens and face-to-face interviews that could be described as train wrecks with high school, college students as well as working professionals.  That is when the epiphany came, people need information and knowledge on how to properly prepare for a successful career and life.  After having an illuminating idea of utmost importance, Epiphany Essentials was birthed in 2010 for the purpose of Empowering, Engaging, Enspiring, Enforming, and Encouraging Women! 

A few years later, there was yet another epiphany. Men need the Epiphany Essentials 5Es - empowerment, engagement, enformation, encouragement and enspiration as well.  Followed by the realization that a blog is not enough to truly engage our audience.  Individuals need to be engaged through hands on learning. Our founder decided to expand the brand and Daringly Reach Excellence and Manifest Success of her own.  Epiphany Essentials was re-branded and incorporated in 2014 to include workshops, seminars, and webinars with more to come.





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